Updated after the jump: Obama arrives — and the riot gear comes out.

Update: Obama is prepared for the worst after being sung to by a group of San Franciscans this morning. Apparently they paid $5,000 each to air their outrage that a WikiLeaker is behind bars while a Quran burner goes free. Top that, L.A.

Racist O.C. Republican Marilyn Davenport isn't the only one giving President Obama a less-than-cuddly welcome to SoCal today.

After a regressive and resolution-less meeting to fix the country's “broken immigration system” yesterday in NorCal, to which no actual immigrants were invited (unless you count Schwarzenegger), California Latinos and their supporters are angrier than ever.

But not angrier than the Armenians!

Any major politician (or foul-mouthed sports star) who still refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide would be wise to avoid a 50-mile radius of Glendale. But Obama's got a fancy-poo fundraiser to attend at Sony Studio at 3 p.m. — and, at $35,800 per head, it's not the kind of dinner party a self-respecting POTUS would want to skip out on.

So angry Armenians it is. Obama will come face to face with the mob at 10202 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City, speckled with the likes of System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian, who says to half a million Facebook followers:

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Here's his event link and attached video. Don't have a ride from the Valley? No problem:

Buses will transport protestors starting at 1:30 p.m. from St. Mary's Church in Glendale, Rose & Alex Pilibos School in Hollywood, Ferrahian High School in Encino and the North Hollywood Armenian Apostolic Church: 13050 Vanowen St. North Hollywood.

So as not to overlap causes — and potentially overwhelm the president's sympathy meter — the Latinos won't show up to Sony Studio until 4:30 p.m., when the second leg of the fundraiser is set to begin. Their rally will be called, simply and impactfully: “Greetings, Mr. President: Don't Deport Us,” and will last until 7 p.m.

It seems the more Obama ramps up immigration talks, the more Latinos detest the guy. Mostly because, as we've written until our fingers bleed, deportations are still at an all-time high and nothing is being done — just blah blah blah — to protect the human rights of the so-called huddled masses.

Credit: CHARLA

Credit: CHARLA

Two recent examples of ICE ridiculousness: lifelong L.A. resident Jose Gutierrez, who the feds wanted to deport in a coma after tasing him (luckily his band's many fans put a stop to that), and college-student covergirl of the DREAM Act Prerna Lal.

All the outrage culminates today in SoCal, channeled by the Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles:

“The President and the Congress are ultimately responsible for fixing this national problem. Left to their own devices, states and jurisdictions will do what they can and often harm U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike. Los Angeles immigrant rights advocates will remind the President of the United States of America that he committed to addressing uncomfortable national problems. The President will be reminded that we expect him to deliver on his promise to the immigrant electorate.”

Welcome to Southern California, o fearless leader! Time to deal with the mess you've made. (And grub down on five-figure dinners, and sit in traffic for a spell. Because you know what they say: When in Rome…)

Update: The president is officially in the building, according to everyone and their mother. Fox counts 200 protesters. The tangle of unrelated causes is kinda endearing, actually:

The DREAM Act Tweeters are holding it down with a stream of photos from outside the Sony Studio:

And the Armenian side, via USC journalist @alexiszotos:

Watch Obama's every move over at KTLA's live stream. Don't you just love when the POTUS comes to town! (Gridlocked Westside: “No.“)

Oh, and how could we forget. The presidential ride, courtesy of @pithfork:

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