The Presets play Los Angeles Tuesday, May 20 at the El Rey Theater. Sorry, sold out. But hey, don't go away sad. Here's the new video for the “You Are the One” from their new album, Apocalypso.

You can also download an MP3 of a different mix of the song from the Modular Records blog here.

And finally, a trip back to yesteryear – or last year to be more precise – wherein Tom Christie discovers that the Presets made him gay.

L.A. WEEKLY:Your live shows make me think of two things. One, seeing Richard Pryor at the Comedy Store years ago and the way his routine got you laughing, then kept you laughing harder and harder until you were, like, dying . . .

JULIAN HAMILTON: What? You mean you stood there laughing at us the whole time?

. . . and two, sex. Your song order seems very purposeful.

KIM MOYES: Man that is awesome! The set we’ve been building is completely designed to have a powerful beginning and a mind-bending finish. I guess we always thought that if we are going to be in front of an audience for a limited amount of time, like 45 minutes or an hour, we are going to try and pack as much of a punch as we can.

And while we’re at it, what role (if any) does sex have in your music? What role should your music have in sex?

MOYES: Sex sex sexiness IS the music, and a lot of what Jules is singing about is related to the topic of getting some or wanting to get some. We have always said that in these uncertain times, what better way to spend it than to dance, get high and fuck?

HAMILTON: I hope it makes people want to fuck and dance — they’re two of the last things we’re allowed to do in a world that’s being increasingly run on hate and fear.

MOYES: A lot of people feel the need to tell us about their sex lives and how our music plays a part in that. I would rather they kept it to themselves, but I am proud there is a piece of us sharing some intimacy with them in the bedroom.

Do you like Slade? Don’t feel you have to answer this.



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