If you’re like me, you’ve been hitting the premium vape pretty hard lately. A great way to destress and revitalize, vaping cannabis has become a daily wellness ritual that has definitely helped us cope with the pressures of 2020. However, as our tolerance builds, so does our desire to find the most potent cannabis vape we can. Thankfully our search is over – Heavy Hitters has produced that premium product we’ve been looking for.

Where To Find The Most Potent Cannabis Vape

There are an endless amount of options out there when it comes to purchasing cannabis products, which is why you want to make sure that your supplier is trustworthy, delivering goods that are pure and priced fairly.


When you’re spending $40 to $80 on premium vape carts, it’s important to buy from not only a brand that’s reliable, but one that delivers a consistent, quality hit. In our search for ultra potent distillate vapes, one clear leader has emerged throughthe smoke: Heavy Hitters.

Aptly named, Heavy Hitters, well, hits pretty damn heavy. Ultra pure and ultra potent, Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC. 95%.

Now that is some heavy potency. 


Why Is It Important To Make Sure Your Vape Is Ultra Potent? 

Ultra potent concentrates can only be achieved with ultra premium cannabis. If you’re smoking an ultra potent vape, you know that what you’re putting into your body is clean, pure cannabis. We prefer Heavy Hitters because better weed means a better experience. Their ultra pure and clean distillate offers a consistently 

strong experience every time – no tolerance burn out here. How do they do it? It all starts with safety and distinctly high standards. Heavy Hitters only uses the most purified and rigorously-tested ingredients to deliver a clean, deliciously strong hit. 

Thanks to their extensive internal quality control metrics and testing standards, Heavy Hitters products meet or exceed every test criteria set by the State of California. They are the purest form of THC available in a vape device, with COA (Certificate of Analysis) testing results by prestigious 3rd party labs to prove it. To see the certificate of analysis provided by one of their trusted lab testing partners, enter the Batch No. located on the back of your Heavy Hitters product.

Best Vape Strains

Not only have Heavy Hitters given us the most potent cannabis vape we could have even asked for, but they’ve given us all the options we can ever want. In love with Indica like me? They’ve got you covered. Prefer an uplifting Sativa? They have it? Want both, or neither? This ultra potent cannabis vape also comes in a hybrid strain type and CBD. 


In terms of strains, the options are endless. Sour Diesel, Lemon Cake, Tangie, the list goes on. There’s no compromising here, not on taste, quality, or personal preference. There are no fake

flavors needed to cover up over-cooked concentrates and absolutely no cutting agents such as vitamin E, PG, VG, or MCT. With Heavy Hitters you can enjoy cannabis just as nature intended, pesticide-free, grown with love and care by expert farmers.

Purest Form Of THC Available

As one of the most potent cannabis vapes on the market, the cartridges they offer are 90%+ concentrate, making it the purest form of THC available. Heavy Hitters use the most purified and rigorously-tested ingredients to deliver a clean, deliciously strong 

hit every time.

Is It Legal To Buy Ultra Potent Vapes?

Sure is. Head on over to Heavy Hitters to get your vape today, and enjoy one of our favorite – and one of the most potent – cannabis vapes we’ve ever encountered.

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