Simi Valley punks Strung Out have been together since 1989, and for eight full albums have been fusing their melodic punk with metal. They've been signed to Fat Wreck Chords throughout that time, and have built a loyal fan base.

On May 11, they're putting out an acoustic EP through Fat Wreck called Black Out the Sky, and they've chosen to premiere a track, “Requiem” with L.A. Weekly.

Vocalist Jason Cruz said of the song, “I walked into practice one day and Jake [Kiley] and Chris [Aiken] were noodling around with what is now the main riff for the song ‘Requiem.’ I started mumbling along like a possessed Leonard Cohen, Rob joined in, and the chorus erupted into what is one of our most original and strangest songs yet. It’s about the end of the world. Cleansed by fire. The animals watch and wait for the last remaining human stragglers to die off so they can get back what was once theirs.”

Fair enough! The song certainly builds and builds, Cruz crooning over delicate acoustic guitar for 90 percent of the song, before the whole thing crashes out with one chorus at the end. It's a thrill ride of a song, so listen to it here and now.

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Credit: Courtesy Fat Wreck Chords

Credit: Courtesy Fat Wreck Chords

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