In March, Laura Jean Anderson announced herself to the world with a startling soul-pop single on B3SCI Records, “Silence Won’t Help Me Now,” in which the native of Olympia, Washington, renounced her conservative Mormon upbringing by boldly declaring, “I ain’t a child of your God.” The Eagle Rock–based singer-guitarist admits that it has been “a tricky thing” balancing her “dual life” of being raised in a liberal music town while still maintaining connections to her religious family.

“The original intention of the song was personal, how silence has not helped me move through life,” Anderson says in an interview with the Weekly about the empowerment she found in speaking up. “It has become something that I hope will resonate with a lot of people in different ways.”

But Anderson reveals another, more deeply romantic side of herself in her new video for “Love You Most,” which is being premiered today by L.A. Weekly. In director Corey Kupfer’s enigmatic video, filmed in a warehouse in the San Fernando Valley, the singer is veiled in black as she walks in a shell-shocked daze among a series of ecstatic lovers, who are all dressed in white. Anderson is invisible to the happy couples, who are eerily frozen in motionless embraces as she mournfully sings, “You’re busy building bricks to build a wall so strong … I can knock it in one kiss.”

“It’s not really a love song,” Anderson explains. “It’s more about unrequited love, the darkness of that feeling coming from a place of desperation and longing — wanting to be with a person who doesn’t want to be with you. That person is building a little wall against me to not let my love in.” At the time she wrote “Love You Most,” Anderson was learning to box, which inspired the analogy about knocking the wall down. “The only way to kick the wall down is through love.”

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