Soulful alt-pop singer-songwriter Henry Hall has had a busy year so far. During February, he was largely focussed on a well-received residency at the Satellite Club, while he's also been readying his debut album for release.

Prior to that, he's putting out a single, “Fewer Words,” which he worked on with Sled Ellis, and he's allowing L.A. Weekly to premiere it.

Of the song, the son of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall said, “Jack [Sled Ellis] and I made 'Fewer Words' this year — it's 2018, baby. Jack sent me the beat one day and I was immediately hooked. It's usually hard to get me into a song without a didgeridoo solo, so that's how I knew this was a good one (there isn't a didgeridoo solo in this song). Jack's instrumentals are so catchy and infectious so I found my process of making the vocal melody and lyrics to be very natural and instinctive. The track has an optimistic energy to it, I think, so I felt impelled to have the lyrics center around unconditional sympathy and being open to listening to the people you love even if they are being difficult. Most of my songs are about didgeridoos, so this was a big shift for me, but hopefully it works out and people can take something positive away from the lyrics and the tune.”

Hear it here:

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