Indian singer/songwriter Prateek Kuhad is a huge name in his home nation, and other countries are catching on fast. He performs in L.A. this week, so we chatted.

L.A. WEEKLY: This has been a great year for you, in so far as making a name outside of India. What do you put that surge in popularity down to?
PRATEEK KUHAD: Thank you! I think my last record cold/mess has been a successful one, and reached a lot of new fans.

Describe your sound/style…
It can be best described as alt folk/pop.

You release music in English and Hindi — do you have a preference? Does the writing process differ depending on the language?
Not really, I like writing in both languages! And no it doesn’t — it’s pretty much the same process for both.

Do you enjoy Los Angeles? What can we expect from this show?
Yes, I really like L.A. I spent over a month there this summer and it was very healing for me in a lot of ways. We’re playing a set with my band, and we’re a trio. Expect some good music!

When that’s done, what else do you have coming up?
Lots of touring! Check prateekkuhad.com/tour for everywhere I’m going to be playing.

Prateek Chad plays with Peter Groenwald at 8 p.m. on Friday, November 15 at the Roxy.


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