Iron Maiden

Piece of Mind (EMI)

Powerwolf Seek Piece of Mind: Falk Maria Schlegel, who plays organ with metal titans Powerwolf, told us about his love for an Iron Maiden classic.

Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind


Falk Maria Schlegel: Sometime in the early ’90s I was walking through my hometown here in Germany and saw an amazing Iron Maiden concert poster (I also attended at that show, of course). The artwork fascinated me with Eddie and the band logo: That was really the starting point to get in touch with heavy metal and somehow I was so impressed that I went straight to the next record store to buy an Iron Maiden album, which I did. The album Piece of Mind was presented as a vinyl in the shop window. There had been other Iron Maiden albums out by then, but this album (which was also my first Iron Maiden album) remains my absolute favorite to this day. For me, Piece of Mind combines everything that makes heavy metal what it is and at the same time exerts an incredible fascination on me to this day. This certain gloom, a bit of melancholy but also with a lot of power and energy. In addition to the classics like “The Trooper” or “Flight of Icarus”, my absolute favorite song “Still Life” is also included. Really a lot of metalheads consider this album as the best one of Iron Maiden, like I do. But I would also like to add the fact, that this album was the first one with Niko McBrain and I guess his drumming had and has a major influence on that typical sound of Maiden and the NWOBHM.

This album is still a milestone for me to this day and I listen to it at least once a week. I still remember exactly that moment when I held this record in my hands for the first time. I still feel the power that I felt then, and it’s the same with Powerwolf’s music: we try to capture similar energies on our records so that we can then pass them on to our fans.

Mr. Steve Harris and Iron Maiden are the reasons why I wanted to form a band to play heavy metal. Thanks for that — I call it destiny!

Powerwolf Seek Piece of Mind: Powerwolf plays the Wiltern on March 25. The “No Prayer at Midnight” single is out now.














































































































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