The subgenre of hardcore called powerviolence is known for heavy riffs, blast beats and a wacky, off-beat sense of kitschy humor. It's also a very tight-knit community. While not immune to the drama and politics that plague every scene, powerviolence denizens tend to have each other's backs when the shit comes down.

Case in point: Since Anti-Christ Demon Core (ACxDC) vocalist Sergio Amalfitano's daughter Savina has run into trouble, the community has rallied. Little Savina is just an infant, but she has a big problem: tetrology of fallot. This means she has a small pulmonary vein as well as a small hole in her tiny heart. For now, she's getting 94 percent of the oxygen she needs. But there are potentially serious consequences. For example, if she gets hurt or cries a lot, she can pass out and turn blue. As she's still a baby, this could cause serious developmental issues; she's already two pounds smaller than her twin sister Azellea.

Amalfitano and his fiancee Alyssa have some insurance, but their daughter's surgery will still cost them $7,000 out of pocket, not including medication and aftercare. “When we found out what it cost we said, 'What can we do?'” Amalfitano says, adding that taking on extra work wasn't enough.

They finally decided to tap the resources of the international DIY hardcore scene. They started out by consulting their personal network, but it quickly became something bigger; now people are doing benefits all over the country, including North Carolina, Oklahoma and here in L.A. (Info below.)

“It's very humbling,” he goes on. “I thought, 'Who's gonna care? I'm just some guy in a band. Who's gonna care about my family?' I can't express my gratitude enough.”

You can get help out Savina and see some ass-kicking hardcore punk, grindcore and powerviolence at the following events:

*Tonight, Powerviolence vets Lack of Interest headline at the Aladdin Jr. along with ACxDC, Xibalba, Theories and Sleepwalkers.

*Tomorrow night, February 22, Touché Amoré headline a benefit at Beauty Is Pain in Silver Lake along with Silver Snakes and Summer Vacation.

*Saturday, February 25 there's an all-day grindcore fest in Canoga Park.

*On March 11 ACxDC play another benefit with Plutocracy, Early Graves, Creatures and Plagues.

*On March 31, ACxDC will headline a benefit show in Covina with DNF, Stresscase, They As In Them, Columbian Necktie and Outliers.

*On April 6, West Side powerviolence legends Despise You play with Final Draft, ACxDC, Goner, Syntax, Hordes and Vomit Bastard at Self Help Graphics. The show starts at 8.

*On April 26, ACxDC play with Dekalb, IL's Weekend Nachos in Pomona.

There are also benefits in Oakland and El Cajon. Direct donations can be made via PayPal to

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