Is having a threesome as simple as it seems on TV?

DR. AVA: Having a threesome is a hot fantasy for men and women, but there is nothing simple about it and it's much easier to create the fantasy (through the power of suggestion) than the reality.

In other words, pretend there is a third person and describe what they are doing in graphic detail while you are having sex with your lover.

sexual boundaries before you act out the fantasy.

Here are 7 FANTASY RULES that apply to all participants and all fantasies: 

§  DO NOT do anything that is unpleasant, offensive or that makes you feel unsafe emotionally or physically.

§  Be willing to trust yourself and your lover.

§  Be prepared for a fun and unpredictable adventure.

§  Keep an open mind, and don't pass judgment on yourself or your partner.

§  Don't try to analyze fantasy meanings, just enjoy their main themes.

§  Talk to your lover about your fantasies before and after making them a reality.

§  Take turns at initiating the fantasies you want to turn into reality.

Image: Pixomar.

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