Potential Side Effects Of Mixing CBD And Alcohol

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Natural health stores and supplement stores all over the county are following in the footsteps of the recent trend – pure natural CBD infused products. These include oils, creams, bath soaks and food products like cookies, energy bars and drinks infused with varying amounts of CBD. This newfound popularity is due to the various studies showing a number of advantages and health benefits of using CBD infused products.

Mixing CBD With Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages infused with CBD are a fairly new entrant into the legion of products containing CBD. Alcohol helps people let go of their inhibitions and keeps them relaxed for a period of time. CBD is similarly known to have a calming effect on people who consume it in the right amount. CBD is also known to promote sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

CBD and alcohol, when taken together, may result in the intensification of the effects caused by each. This can result in an increased amount of drowsiness and sedation. Unpredictable changes in behavior and mood can also be a side effect of mixing alcohol with CBD. Studies also showed diminished motor ability and alteration in time perception in people who laced their drinks with CBD.

Effects Of Mixing

CBD, when mixed with alcohol, may be effective in protecting against alcohol’s side effects. Alcohol consumption on a regular basis can lead to cell damage and inflammation. Adding CBD in limited quantities may help prevent this from happening. This combination may also be helpful in keeping chronic illnesses like liver disease, certain types of cancer and pancreatitis at bay. Some early studies have indicated a reduction in blood alcohol levels when alcohol is combined with CBD.

Most of the studies pointing in this direction have been conducted on animals. No substantial scientific evidence has been collected to authoritatively say that the same is applicable to human beings.

Risks Associated With Mixing

CBD and alcohol when consumed separately cause almost predictable physical and behavioral changes that are unique to each individual. But when combined, their effects become unpredictable. While the changes induced in people consuming alcohol with certain amounts of CBD can be beneficial to some, they can be detrimental to others.

The lack of extensive studies and clinical trials in this area is a reason why it is considered risky to mix unknown amounts or proportions of alcohol and CBD and consume them on a regular basis.

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