Why wouldn't onetime star witness, sometime actor and all-the-time fame chaser Kato Kaelin want to explore a stand-up comedy career? It's worked out so well for Screech and Christopher “Kid” Reid, after all. But apparently the houseguest extraordinaire's infectious enthusiasm lends itself surprisingly well to hosting, say scene insiders who've witnessed his recent onstage exploits, thus Kaelin should be right at home emceeing the latest installment of the ExtravaGANJA show. The brainchild of comic Howard Dover (pictured, Weeds, Kids in the Hall's Brain Candy) and dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana, the event also features sets by Whitney Cummings, Sam Tripoli, Frazer Smith, Steve Rannazzisi, Jon Schieszer, Suli “Crazy Legs” McCullough and more, as well as offstage representation from health-evaluation collective BerkeleyClinic.net and initiative-campaign site TaxCannabis.org. “Even the AMA is now saying we should take a look at marijuana as a medicine,” Dover offers. “I want people to get involved: 'Never underestimate your power as an individual to effect positive change.' ” Or at least the power of Kato Kaelin to draw a curious crowd.

Sun., Dec. 6, 9 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly