The LAPD continues shutting down pot shops in violation of the medical marijuana ordinance that went into effect June 7, though with a special emphasis on neighborhoods making the most noise. This time it's Eagle Rock.

As the Weekly noted last week, neighborhood activists have complained, sometimes bitterly, to city and police officials about shops still operating.

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Of about 580 shops thought to be in existence, all but 439 were legislated out of existence.

LAPD responded last week by raiding and shutting down the (in)famous KFC shop in Palms.

Police are moving on shops in other parts of the city, as well.

A property owner wrote in to tell us police moved last week on a shop in the building he owns at Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. Operators were arrested and product seized, he said. We have a call in to LAPD for more details.

***UPDATE: Police say they served a warrant at the location but provided no other details.

As it happens, last week the Weekly heard from Eagle Rock neighborhood council members, who complained there's a number of other shops still operating illegally.

We're waiting to hear back from the City Attorney's office to hear more about the raid, the Eagle Rock shops and just how many shops are still operating illegally.

In other pot news, the initiative to de-criminalize marijuana has been given a number by the Secretary of State. It is Proposition 19. The Weekly's Gene Maddaus has a fun discussion of the numerology, as 19 was the number for legalization initiative on the ballot in 1972; it lost in a landslide that year.

For T-shirt entrepreneurs everywhere: 19 is the new 420.

Weekly writer Steve La contributed to this report.

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