In case of Rapture, what happens to your pets?

Allison Warden feels compassion for the pets she'll leave behind on May 21, but she says she finds comfort in the Scripture and is certain that God provides for pets as He does for wild animals.

But if you're not so sure your toy poodle could make it in a rugged, post-Rapture world, here are three services that offer care and comfort to pets whose owners have left this mortal coil for greener pastures.

After the Rapture Pet Care ( A Christian-owned service, After the Rapture coordinates with atheist animal lovers nationwide who volunteer to take care of left-behind pets, even in the face of massive confusion. “Most pets registered are dogs and cats, but our Volunteer Pet Caretakers will care for any animal, fish, bird, reptile or insect that can be taken care of in a residence. If you have horses or other larger animals, please contact us and we'll try to find someone in your area that could care for them.” Registration is just $10, payable via PayPal, making for a plan that is “affordable, unique, biblical and practical.”

Post Rapture Pet Care ( The confirmed atheists at England's Post Rapture Pet Care say, “Just because we are atheists doesn't mean we are not animal lovers. For a small donation of £69.99, we will make sure your pets are well fed and taken care of long after you and your family have been taken up. We have representatives in the southeast of England and also in the northeast of Scotland so can accommodate for most areas of the country.”

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets ( The dedicated animal lovers and atheists at Eternal Earth-Bound Pets “are committed to step in when you step up to Jesus.” They employ 40 pet rescuers in 26 states, and for $135, plus $20 per additional pet, they guarantee the safety of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small caged mammals. Rescue services for horses, camels, llamas and donkeys are available only in New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho and Montana.

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