Post-Operative Nurses And Founders Of Elite Private Recovery Take Pride In Personalized Care And Exceptional Service: Elevating Your Recovery Experience

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In cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, Bronwyn Sciarrino and Ciara Geraghty are experts who set the bar higher for post-operative care and private recovery by elevating the patient experience to greater heights.

Pursuing self-improvement can take many forms, and for some, cosmetic surgery is their chosen path. However, the journey does not end once the procedure is over. Instead, it entails meticulous care to achieve optimum recovery. Post-operative care is a crucial aspect that many patients might often overlook, but with dedicated nursing professionals such as Bronwyn Sciarrino and Ciara Geraghty, every service they offer involves excellent attention and top-quality care.

Sciarrino and Geraghty combined their 15 years of experience and expertise in plastic surgery nursing and forged a partnership that gave birth to Elite Private Recovery, a pioneering brand focused on providing first-class concierge service to patients. While navigating their new trajectory as founders of their bold venture, Sciarrino and Geraghty assiduously confronted and conquered obstacles in running a business from the ground up.

“It’s a commitment that demands a balance between life and work. To be a successful founder, you need ambition, drive, and the will to sacrifice some aspects to keep going,” says Sciarrino. Geraghty also acknowledges how challenging it is to keep everything smooth sailing. “Despite having decades of knowledge and background in nursing, anyone might think we’d have an easy transition, but it’s not. Fortunately, we have a talented team that remains aligned with our mission in making each patient’s recovery process faster, seamless, and stress-free,” adds Geraghty.

As they continue to make transformative changes and innovative disruptions in their industry, the powerful pair reveals the secrets that made Elite Private Recovery a standout and the go-to brand for personalized post-operative care in an interview below.

What is the secret behind a successful post-operative recovery?

We often emphasize and reiterate to our patients the significance of doing in-depth research for their post-operative nursing needs, just as they did for their surgeon. For individuals contemplating cosmetic surgery, we advise making a detailed plan from start to finish. You would undoubtedly want caregivers to know your surgery inside and out starting day one. Therefore, it’s crucial to handpick your team of professionals who will be responsible for your care throughout your journey.

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How does Elite Private Recovery stand out in the industry?

Our team of talented nurses are experts in handling any situation and can make any patient’s journey comfortable and safe. Most of our nurses are nationally certified in plastic surgery nursing and have worked in past cosmetic offices for years. We take pride in having highly-trained and experienced nurses, including those with advanced degrees, as part of our team.

What are the most sought-after services of Elite Private Recovery?

The preferences vary depending on the age group. Among mature women, a facelift is the most popular choice. Meanwhile, younger women and mothers favor body contouring procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast procedures. The latest 2021 statistics show these are the top 3 procedures; we see these most commonly in our private practice.

As per the latest data from The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Data Bank in 2021, there has been a significant increase of 54% in surgical procedures from 2020. Among all sections, body procedures saw the highest increase, with liposuction reporting a surge of 66%, followed by abdominoplasties with a growth of 49%. Witnessing this evolution in the past few years has been remarkable and exciting.

How will post-operative evolve in the coming years?

In our opinion, post-operative care will increasingly shift into a home-based setting, depending on the acuity of the operation. Insurance providers have been incentivizing hospitals to discharge patients sooner, with a growing emphasis on 23-hour stays. Additionally, many elective surgeries can be performed as same-day procedures, which is our primary patient group.

What underrated service deserves more recognition?

Our industry is unquestionably often misunderstood and underrated. Many people don’t realize the importance of having a nurse after specific surgeries until we explain it. We believe that surgeons should require a nurse for at least 24 hours after major procedures, as it not only elevates the level of care but also reduces the likelihood of panic calls to the office or emergency hospital visits. Having a nurse present during office calls can also help streamline the process and ensure that patients receive attention.

What comes next for Elite Private Recovery?

We are excited to share that we plan to offer pre-made supply baskets that patients can easily purchase on our website. This feature will provide a convenient solution for out-of-town patients who previously had to bring numerous supplies. We look forward to making this day easier for them by delivering the necessary supplies directly to their hotel, ensuring a stress-free recovery.

Sciarrino and Geraghty’s revolutionary approach to providing patients with the best post-operative care has set a new standard in the health and wellness industry. The esteemed founders believe each patient is special and has a unique recovery journey that demands a personalized approach. This patient-centric method has earned Sciarrino and Geraghty widespread recognition, cementing their position as industry leaders and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps as they prioritize the well-being of their patients above all else.

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