A tornado may have touched down in the city of Montebello, according to the National Weather Service Los Angeles.

Dozens of videos have circulated social media showing a tornado-like wind funnel making its way to the ground, as well as pieces of at least one building’s roof in Montebello being blown off and swirled around.

A tornado warning was issued in Los Angeles County Wednesday morning, although the weather event has not yet been verified, or labeled as a tornado, as of this writing.

The wind funnel is the second being investigated in California Wednesday, with another being investigated in the city of Carpinteria.

“There have been reports of possible tornado damage in Montebello,” the National Weather Service said on Twitter. “In addition to the survey team heading to Carpinteria, they will also head to Montebello this afternoon to assess the damage.”

A downpour is expected to move through Los Angeles County Wednesday, with rain, wind, thunderstorms and “weak tornadoes” expected in the city of Azusa.

There have been 45 tornadoes reported in Los Angeles County since 1950.

The National Weather Service said it would release more in formation on the possible tornadoes after it completes its survey of the Montebello and Carpinteria areas.





































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