Nic Harcourt

The new host of KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic had quite a challenge following popular DJ Chris Douridas' departure. Harcourt brings a dash of wit and Darbyshire grit to go with your world-pop. (John Payne)

photography by LARRY HIRSHOWITZ

Eduardo Lucero

Amidst the backstage franticness of a fashion show, or while doing a fitting for a celeb client at his eponymous Beverly Boulevard boutique, designer Eduardo Lucero projects a serenity that people pay big bucks to a guru to achieve. Fashion, says the winner of the California Mart's prestigious “Rising Star” award, is not necessarily about clothing or looking like a model, but is a way of doing things, a means of self-expression — and what better way to express yourself than through elegant tailoring that brings out the true you, which is what Lucero's sleekly styled clothes are all about. (Kateri Butler)

photography by PABLO SERRANO

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