Captain Constance Dial

Under the watch of Dial, a 25-year veteran of the LAPD and captain of the Hollywood Division for the past two and a half, crime of all kinds has declined dramatically in the 18-square-mile division; violent crimes — such as rape, robbery and homicide — dropped by 25 percent in the past year alone. While part of this decline is certainly tied to nationwide trends, the soft-spoken, self-deprecating Dial deserves some of the credit, too. (Sara Catania)

photography by ROBERT HALE

“Sugar” Shane Mosely

Winning a championship is, for most boxers, the ultimate achievement. But the great ones don't settle for that: They covet the immortality of legend more than any old diamond-studded championship belt. So don't let the easy smile of Pomona's “Sugar” Shane Mosely fool you. The IBF lightweight champ with the speedy hands and knockout power will seek to join the other “Sugars” — Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Seales, Sugar Ray Leonard — in boxing's pantheon. (David Davis)

photography by VIRGINIA LEE HUNTER

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