Emboldened by victory at the polls in Los Angeles County this week, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation says it's taking its campaign for mandatory condoms in porn to the California legislature.

Measure B, which mandates condoms for porn production in all but three of 88 cities in L.A. county, passed with nearly 56 percent approval Tuesday.

The foundation wants a similar rule to apply throughout California:

In fact, it argues that such a rule already exists via workplace safety law, a point Cal-OSHA officials acknowledge. It's just hard to enforce.

AHF said in a statement last night that it is …

Credit: Nate "Igor" Smith

Credit: Nate “Igor” Smith

… seeking a legislator in Sacramento to carry a bill that would expand the power of Cal OSHA and local public health departments statewide to enforce condom use on adult film sets.

As it stands, measure B could allow porn production to simply hop over to cities like Pasadena or places outside L.A. county.

The adult industry argues that consumers won't buy condom fare and that enforcing condom use will only send the multi-billion-dollar business out of L.A. and perhaps even underground, where practices would be even less safe.

The major studios and many top stars adhere to a monthly STD testing schedule that the business says works. The industry lobbying group Free Speech Coalition has vowed to try to stop the measure via a court challenge.

Michael Weinstein, president of AHF:

Voter sentiment favoring safer sex in adult films is pretty clear: As such, and in light of the fact that the industry is now trying to block implementation of Measure B with a lawsuit, we are kicking off a statewide legislative campaign seeking a legislator in Sacramento to carry a bill to broaden Cal OSHA's enforcement powers and empower local public health departments to step up and enhance enforcement of safety laws on condom use on adult film sets. It's only fair that these performers be afforded the same safeguards as other Californians in their workplaces.

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