Porn producers in the city of L.A. might now have to get a county health permit to do their thing.

The L.A. City Council voted unanimously yesterday to draft an amendment to the city's mandatory condoms-in-porn ordinance that would force those applying to L.A. for adult film permits to get county approval too.

The extra hoops are the result of …

… your approval in November of a countywide ballot measure that also mandates condoms for porn production in most parts of L.A. county.

The City Council adopted a similar measure previously, but it would only apply to film shoots that require permits — on-location shoots.

Still, the industry hasn't been happy.

The latest move means that a core provision of the new county law — that porn productions be checked out and licensed in the same way that, say, a massage parlor might be — could apply to those city shoots too.

What's more, the council moved to draw up an ordinance that would bring the city's condom rule in line with the November ballot initiative, meaning that filming in the city or county could be one in the same in terms of the law.

Kayden Kross is against mandatory condoms.; Credit:

Kayden Kross is against mandatory condoms.; Credit:

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has spearheaded the effort to get the industry to adopt mandatory condom use. The business' leaders are suing over the county measure, saying in infringes on their freedom of speech.

(The biz has argued previously, however, that consumers won't buy condom porn and that a monthly STD testing protocol for performers works).

Michael Weinstein, president of AHF:

These actions bring us a step closer to getting the City and County measures fully up and running and should go a long way improve health and safety among adult film performers.

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