The adult video industry's lobbying group last night cast doubt on reports that a fourth performer has come up HIV-positive following an outbreak affecting at least three porn stars.

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The Free Speech Coalition called it a case of “rumors” and accused the L.A.-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which first revealed the report, of “posturing” for “AHF's political agenda:”

Yesterday AHF chief Michael Weinstein told the Weekly and other outlets that a fourth patient, a male performer, had come directly to his organization to report a positive.

The Free Speech Coalition indicated that the porn star did not test positive at any clinic affiliated with its Performer Availability Screening Services organization, which oversees a voluntary protocol that asks porn stars to test regularly and then posts their work “availability” to an exclusive online database for producers.

FSC CEO Diane Duke:

I would like to address the rumors of a fourth performer testing positive for HIV. None of the testing facilities, nor the doctors associated with the facilities, have any results of a fourth performer testing positive. This information came from AHF who is currently trying to push regulation on the industry and has, on many occasions, reported false information to the media to advance their political agenda. Just last month AHF started a media frenzy and industry scare over false information of a positive syphilis result claiming an “outbreak” when in reality no performers were positive for syphilis. It is extremely likely that this situation is more posturing for AHF's political agenda. Again, we have no evidence of a fourth performer testing positive for HIV.

She added that all partners connected to a third performer who came up positive have been tested, with results in for all but one person. All the results the FSC has seen so far have been negative, she said: “Final results” were expected tomorrow.

The third positive, a woman, is not connected to the first positive, Cameron Bay, or her reported boyfriend, Rod Daily, the second positive, Duke said.

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After the third case came up the FSC on Friday called for an industry shut-down to be reinstated. A voluntary moratorium on production lasted Aug. 21 to 27 after Bay's case was revealed.

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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been spearheading an effort to get the industry to adopt condom use. Its Measure B was passed by voters in November. It mandates condom use in adult video in most of L.A. county.

However, the industry has resisted the law, and so far there has been little enforcement. Many in the business say consumers don't want to see prophylactic porn and that its monthly testing of performers works.

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