One of the best pieces I've seen in ages is the Por Es Suelo Pachamama wall on Virgil that went up earlier this year. You can see posts on it here and here.

In the second link there's some footage of DAME working on his section of the wall (Retna did much of the rest alsong with AWR and Werc).

Here's what it used to look like:

Then someone splashed the piece with red and white paint.

Dame promised that the mural would be redone, and true to his word, there was a note from him over the weekend to that effect. It's not like it was, but true to the art form, it's morphed, evolved, grown into something else entirely.

He's posted a picture on the Known Gallery website, and I've borrowed it here:

Visit that site to see a larger version of the image as well as a lot more footage of the original process of the work (click 05.08).

Another stunner of a DAME piece I saw on their site is this one from South Korea.

Thanks to Dame for alerting us to the retooled wall, and for going back to it in the first place. The above two photos owned by Dame, and

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