Cube has announced another of their weekend pop-up events, to be held on Saturday, August 14th. Both a restaurant and a marketplace, the downtown institution will also play host to a series of classes. Cube café's executive chef Erin Eastland and pastry chef Jun Tan will lead a cooking class focusing on the use of sweet summer corn; a gardening class highlights the fall vegetable garden. And Cube café wine director David King's class will school participants in what he considers the very best boutique Italian wines.

If you weren't able to squeeze in last time he cooked at Gram & Papa's, chef Ludo Lefebvre, the king of pop-up, will be on hand for lunch via his Ludo Truck, with Coolhaus nearby to offer dessert. And when you're not taking notes or eating Ludo's fried chicken, you can check out Cube's usual array of specialty foods, cooking tools and housewares.

For more information, including times and cost of classes, visit Cube's website.

LA Weekly