This is week three of Pop Levi's residency at the Echo, and often the third week of a residency is the best. Said artist is comfortable, has developed a routine, and as a result the vibe is relaxed. My colleague John Payne wrote a nice encapsulation of the charms of Brit-born, LA-based Pop Levi in this week's LA Weekly, so there's no reason wasting energy doing it again. But I will say that Levi's new album has been one of my new favorite “cruising around LA with the sun roof open” discs. It exudes a summertime party vibe that's never cloying or forced; it's just a joy to crank while you're rolling down Sunset Boulevard. The videos above (his minimal new “Fountain of Lies” clip) and below (two others from the new album, including one of my favorite rock songs of the year, “Dita Dimone”) will give you a good idea of where the man's coming from. As far as tonight, get there early. The first week Levi went on at 9 p.m. (I got there just in time to see him leave the stage), so I'd suggest getting there around then. Plus, the Parson Red Heads are opening (well, actually, closing, after Poppy), so there's that. Watch Levi's two other videos from his forthcoming Never Never Love, which is released August 26, after the jump.

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