You've heard of people who need seeing eye dogs.

But how about dogs that need other dogs to help them around? Rescuers in L.A. say that's the case with a pair they're calling Isaac and Isabella.

The duo, a blind Husky and a small terrier who was guiding him around, were found …

… on Monday, rescuers tell the Weekly.

The duo was scheduled to be checked out by a vet, including an animal ophthalmology specialist, today, rescuers said.

The Husky, we're told, appears to have glaucoma, but the dog's condition would likely be confirmed today.

The terrier appeared to be serving as its guide. Rescuers are hoping to get help with vet bills before the pair is put in a good home:

We need FUNDS to help them and an experienced L.A. FOSTER who can care for this amazing, abandoned, bonded duo until we can find them a great forever home.

If you want to help, send contributions to the STAND Foundation, P.O. Box 5921, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, or use for PayPal.

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