Oftentimes, when someone leaves a band, there are months of rumors and official denials of said rumors, then there's a sudden official statement offering some vague reason for the departure, which is usually effective immediately. This isn't the case for Polysics, though. Kayo, a longtime member of the Japanese synth-punk group who has played guitar, bass and synths during her tenure, will be leaving the band. With that in mind Polysics has put together their “best tour,” traveling across the States before capping off Kayo's term with the biggest gig of the band's career, at the famed arena Budokan in Tokyo.

When we met up with Polysics at MySpace's headquarters last Monday, the members of the band consistently referred to Kayo's departure as her “graduation.” This seemed like an appropriate term. As Kayo told us through an interpreter, she has been with the band since finishing school. After twelve years of life on the road, she wants to try something different, though she is not sure what the future may hold. After March, Polysics will continue as a trio.

Meanwhile, fans have been gathering in cities like Los Angeles, where they played The Roxy last week, to say goodbye to Kayo. Signs with Kayo's name scrawled across them have been scattered across the crowds. Someone even gave her red sneakers, a reference to the song “Bye-bye, Red Sneaker.”

During the course of the band's stop in L.A., polaroid blogger Caro took some cool shots of the band. She kindly let us use the autographed pieces below, but you can check out more at Hi Hi Caro.

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