The loud “sex y violencia” spectacle known as Lucha Va Voom took over TheMayan last Tuesday through Thursday, and the bouts were wild and wacky as always, especially the popular mini (don’t say midget) match, which offered some serious audience contact. Actually, nearly every contest (loved the chupacabra battle!) ended with a masked man in the crowd. Still, it‘s the luscious bods that set this event apart from TV’s Lucha Libre and Jack Black’s Nacho Libre (though word is, J.B. was inspired to make his hit flick after catching a Va Voom show last year). Standout burlesque vignettes included LVV producer Rita D’Albert a.k.a. Ursulina’s peacock-feather tease, Karis’ androgynous hula-hoop-on-a-swing act and RokyRoulette’s Colonel Sanders chicken dance, in which he flung greasy Original Recipe drumsticks from a bucket — and from his G-string — out to hungry fans all the way in the cheap seats. Finger-lickin’ good.


The usual social slutspects and hoochie mamas in ill-fitting baby-doll dresses packed into ThePalladium last Thursday for the ?T-Mobile Sidekick 3 launch party, featuring sets by The Future-?heads and the ubiquitous She Wants Revenge, amid a festive playground atmosphere. Cupcakes and heart-shaped peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches were served, and pigtailed gals in knee socks and short-shorts romped on swing sets and in a pool of plastic balls (any pedophiliac connotations were surely unintentional), while the roped-off center of the room served as the highly visible VIP seating area where Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria,Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg could be worshipped shamelessly. Outside, the big hubbub was the potentially apocalyptic red-carpet clash of Simple-tons Paris and Nicole (no boldface for them — we’re over it), who arrived at the same time. Alas, the brat brawl paparazzi were salivating for never came to pass.


Misfortune-plagued U.K. rockers Duke Spirit (first, bassist Toby Butler breaks his elbow learning — we kid you not — to moonwalk, then he loses his passport before a big Canada date, then the band’s equipment gets stolen in Portland, and thenSnow Patrol cancels the tour they were to open!) turned it around last Thursday at Spaceland with an irresistibly sultry and supertight set driven by charismatic singer Leila Moss. Openers Hopewell (ex–Mercury Rev) were no slouches either — epic, dreamy and just slightly dancey. And finally, a freewheeling good time was had on Sunday at the Wassup Rockers block party downtown, where it was hard to tell the cast members from the fans. (Sk8ter boyz have a very specific look these days: tattered black T’s and unruly locks.) Noisy punk bands played behind a spirited skate ramp in the parking lot of American Apparel, but we’re guessing the screening of the Larry Clark drama later that night was much less rollicking — signs posted everywhere said those under 18 had to be accompanied by an adult to see the R-rated movie, and the crowd we saw was positively prepubescent, not a parent in sight. But then, it’s not the first time kids weren’t able to see a film about Kids, is it?

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