A West Hollywood poll worker was released from their duties after showing up in Donald Trump attire.

The man working the table for the California recall election wore a “Trump 2020,” hat, a “Trump Train” mask and a “Where’s Hunter?” Trump-inspired t-shirt.

Fellow election workers noted to him was inappropriate when working at the voting center and when the Los Angeles County Registrar spoke with him, it decided to relieve him based on his responses.

“This worker was contacted after this was reported and advised that the attire was not appropriate,” the registrar said in a tweet Tuesday. “He is no longer serving as an election worker.”

While the registrar did not note what the man was in violation of, the state of California does have electioneering prohibitions at voting sites that include:

● Campaign Apparel/Buttons/Stickers/Placards

● Campaign Materials/Signs/Banners/Literature

● Influencing Voters/Soliciting Votes/Political Persuasion

● Circulating Petitions/Soliciting Signatures

● Projecting Sounds Referring to Candidates/Issues

● Loitering

California election laws typically allow for attire featuring political slogans, but a candidate’s name cannot be shown.

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