According to a recent poll, Californians are open to the legalization of marijuana. However, support is soft, with 49 percent of voters favoring the legislation and 41 percent opposing it. Ten percent of voters were uncertain about whether or not to support or oppose the measure.

The poll also indicated that 42 percent of voters believe that legalizing marijuana would generate more than one billion dollars a year in additional revenue for state and local governments. The other 38 percent, however, believe that these estimates are “wildly exaggerated” and that state and local governments would not benefit significantly in the long run.

Voters were shaky in regards to their perception on the social consequences of pot legalization. When asked whether or not they thought legalizing marijuana usage for people 21 years and older would worsen social problems such as increased crime and marijuana use, 46 percent of respondents answered yes, 48 percent answered no and 7 percent were unsure.

The May 19-26 poll [PDF], conducted as a joint effort between USC and the Los Angeles Times, surveyed 1506 registered voters.

Click here for more information on the full legalization of marijuana in California.

LA Weekly