MSNBC is asking the nation if Arizona should “have the right to pull the plug on L.A.” because of the city's boycott of the desert state over its controversial new immigration law. Arizona-based power plants supply the city with a reported 25 percent of its juice.

The overwhelming response has been hell yes: 86 percent of respondents so far agree that Arizona should be able to cut off its supply of electrons to the city, while 13 percent say no way. However — and this is a HUGE however — such opt-in web polls are highly unscientific and tend to attract those were are more passionate about an issue; they don't necessarily reflect what average citizens would say in a random, scientific poll.

And, maybe Arizona should have the right to pull the plug, but it doesn't. One of the plants that supplies L.A. is on sovereign, Native American land. And Los Angeles has ownership interest in at least one of the generators.

The city's recently approved boycott of Arizona, which includes a City Hall travel ban and a provision that prohibits new contracts with Arizona-based businesses, has been the subject of debate between city leaders and at least one official from the desert state.

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