After getting hammered on the issue, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas hit the pause button on a planned $707,000 renovation of his office by referring the matter to the county's CEO for a review to determine if code violations, safety concerns and energy efficiency could be a factor in pushing for the interior redux.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Ridley-Thomas also reiterated he was “ordering an independent review to re-scope and re-evaluate the proposed project.” He stated that “discussion of the proposed repair and renovation work has become a needless distraction inflamed by misleading and erroneous information.”

As we reported yesterday, Ridley-Thomas was lambasted over the renovations by conservative talk radio hosts John & Ken at KFI AM 640 radio, and ABC7 news took up the story, noting that the cost of the renovations equaled more than the median prices of two county homes.

The cost of redoing Ridley-Thomas' flooring alone was put at nearly $52,000. This is at a time when local governments are hurting for funds and wearing a tight belt is supposed to be the fashion of the moment.

LA Weekly