One of the more riveting stories to emerge from last week's arrest of Grim Sleeper serial-murder suspect Lonnie Franklin Jr. is LA Weekly reporter Christine Pelisek's revelation in Thursday's edition of the newspaper that police staked out a home only three doors away from Franklin's residence during the Sleeper's heyday in 1988.

For one month detectives kept an eye on a neighbor's home on West 81st Street in South L.A. The Grim Sleeper had been connected to eight homicides and an attempted murder. That latter, surviving victim told cops the Sleeper took her to that house — the residence of a neighborhood gadfly.

Cops sat on the home, watching it from a nearby storefront. Read the rest of “Missing the Grim Sleeper by a Hair,” and find out why authorities allege Franklin slipped through their dragnet to kill again.

LA Weekly