Los Angeles police are searching for a robber who flashes a badge and presents himself to victims as a plainclothes cop. A video (after the jump) captured the alleged criminal in action.

The suspect, who drives a dark blue late-mode Chevrolet Suburban, has struck five times since June in the immigrant-rich (and often cop-fearing) area of Westlake near downtown. He pats down and searches victims' belongings under the guise of a police stop, then makes off with cash. According to the a Los Angeles Police Department statement:

The suspect had a phony badge hanging from his neck. When he approached his victims, he identified himself as a police officer then performed a pat-down search on them. In some incidents, the suspect would handcuff his victims prior to searching them and their vehicle.

The suspect is described as Latino, about 6 feet tall and weighing around 225 pounds. Anyone with information about him was asked to call detectives at 213-486-6840.

LA Weekly