Doesn't the West Hollywood Sheriff's station have anything better to do than hassle a carful of revelers for playing their gangsta rap too loud? Protect the streets from drunk celebrity drivers, perhaps?

Apparently not. These Sunday drivers were arrested yesterday afternoon for “[impersonating] police officers” — aka “playing a song with loud sirens in it,” according to on-scene Twitter reports from drag queen Courtney Act.

The tweets were directed at WeHo Daily, and picked up soon after by master aggregator LAist

… inspiring much fury at WeHo Daily headquarters. (Blog drama! Sort of a small-town version of the New York Times story that Forbes recently rehashed and reheadlined, to viral effect.)

Anyway! The story's too awesome to go unaggregated, though we're happy to credit WeHo Daily, which always gets all the best tips/Twitpics from locals watching dogs attempt suicide or Newt Gingriches get flats on Sunset Boulevard. Really great stuff.

Yesterday's big “arrest” outside the Abbey, one of the busiest gay bars in town, was no exception.

(We contacted the Sheriff's Department to check on whether the suspects were arrested or detained, and if any charges were filed, but we were told all the detectives on duty yesterday are taking President's Day off.)

Our drag queen-turned-reporter initially tweeted that “There was 5 girls arrested at gun point across the road from the Abbey.” And once they were released, the rascally “lesbians” told her their version of the Sheriff's big mistake.

According to LAist, the LAPD initially received a complaint of police impersonators at Santa Monica and Fairfax, but let the L.A. County Sheriff's Department take over once the car passed into West Hollywood. And that initial report may have just been some tattletale who didn't fancy their music: “I think it was just some sort of motorist being annoyed,” an LAPD spokeswoman tells the blog.

Totally reminds us of the sinking feeling one gets whilst blasting 97.3 and texting, when one momentarily mistakes sound-effect sirens for a trailing cop car.

Except this time, the joke went way too far — and for some reason required an entire fleet of Sheriff's deputies to investigate.

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