Roman Polanski was 0 for 2 today in the state's 2nd District appeals court downtown: First it turned down a move by the victim in his 33-year-old sex-with-a-minor legal saga to have the case thrown out. Then, this afternoon, it turned down his latest bid to be sentenced while he remains overseas.

The court denied the request, reportedly without comment. The director had hoped to be sentenced for time served (more than 40 days) without having to show up in L.A. The move seems to clear the way for his extradition from Switzerland: Swiss authorities said they would not ship him off until the sentencing matter was resolved.

Polanski was convicted in 1977 of having sex with a 13-year-old. He served more than 40 days of light time — psychiatric evaluation — and has said he believed that was all he would serve under a plea agreement. However, the late judge in the case indicated he would sentence the director to more time. Polanski fled to France before his sentencing date in 1978.

Last summer he was nabbed in Switzerland. He's been under house arrest there since December. Polanski's legal team has argued that inappropriate meetings between a prosecutor and the judge during the director's trial should lead to the case being thrown out. They have asked for an investigation.

-With reporting from City News Service.

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