Another woman has come forward to allege that director Roman Polanski raped her in the 1970s. The victim says she was 21 at the time that Polanski allegedly raped her at the home of Jack Nicholson in 1974, three years before he had sex with a 13-year-old in a case that would become a 33-year international legal saga that only ended this month when Swiss authorities said they would not extradite the director to L.A. to face sentencing in the case.

According to RadarOnline:

Edith Michelle Vogelhut, a former model also known as Shelli Paul, told authorities Polanski “handcuffed” her at actor Jack Nicholson's Hollywood house where he was staying, then sodomized her repeatedly, before he passed out, has learned exclusively.

The account sounds familiar: In the case for which Polanski was convicted of having sex with a minor, the director was accused of anally raping the girl at Nicholson's residence.

It's not clear what the point of the revelation is: The statute of limitations on such a crime in California is long past (PDF). But it's conceivable that the victim could still file a civil suit.

In Polanski's 33-year-old sex-with-a-minor case involved a 13-year-old girl. He said he was led to believe that 42 days he spent under “psychiatric evaluation” would suffice under a plea deal. But when Polanski learned in 1978 that he could face more time at sentencing, he fled to France.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office learned of a trip he was making to Switzerland last summer and had authorities grab him. He remained under house arrest there until this month's announcement by Swiss authorities that they would not allow him to be extradited to L.A. The case, for now, seems to be closed — at least as long as Polanski stays in Switzerland or France.

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