California excels at a lot of things.

We almost have too many world-class universities. We're a hot spot for billionaires and the politicians who give them tax breaks. And we feed America with our farms and the criminals who work them.

We also excel at taking selfies while driving.

And it has to stop.

Because your next vehicular selfie could show your head going through a windshield. That's fine. Maybe you deserve it for being dumb. But you could take out innocents who know better and then land in jail if you're lucky enough to survive.

The Auto Insurance Center, which provides insurance quotes and information, searched more than 70,000 Instagram posts for driving- and selfie-related hashtags to come up with a ranking of U.S. states with the most “#DrivingSelfies.”

Of course California was No. 1.

“Californians post more driving selfies than anyone else nationwide,” a spokeswoman for the center says. “The number of posts is nearly double that of New Yorkers.”


Golden State residents posted 2.53 driving selfies per 100,000 residents, the analysis found. That put us ahead of No. 2 Nevada (2.52 per 100,000), third-place Florida (2.38) and fourth-place Hawaii (2.17).

The Auto Insurance Center's analysts think maybe this is a tourist thing, which would get some of you off the hook for this dangerous behavior.

“What do these four states have in common?” the center asks. “Thanks to Vegas’ slot machines and the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii, all four are popular vacation destinations. It appears fun-filled road trips may fuel some drivers’ desires to share duck-face snaps with their Insta followers.”

Young people also deserve some scrutiny, the analysis suggests.

“Twenty- to 29-year-olds are involved in the most fatal crashes — accounting for nearly four in 10 fatal accidents while using cellphones,” the spokeswoman said.

At the same time, she said, “Use of driving-related hashtags increased 80 percent from 2014 to 2015. This year, drivers have already posted more than half of last year’s total.”

It's not cute. It's got to stop. If you're not willing to quit for the people out there you might someday harm, do it for the vanity. Imagine your duck lips after a head-on crash with a Peterbilt.

No likes for you.

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