What could be better than finding yourself inside the L.A. Zoo after hours, under the glow of all those stars, as the animals bay at the moon, and make the sorts of noise that would otherwise scare your dinner out of you? Better is enjoying the music of the Beatles, Eagles, Grateful Dead, the Doors and Dylan as you fawn over the flamingos. Yep, it's all a dream come true when your Greater Los Angeles Zoo presents Music in the Zoo's Classic Rock Night! Don't worry, you'll have plenty of company and guidance, as zoo docents and 60 mom and daughter volunteers from Glendale's chapter of the National Charity League will be on hand to answer questions, and maybe dance with you. The animals will be kept awake till 8, and you'll exit at 9. Of course, along with sweet sounds of the cover bands, you'll find interactive animal education (we don't think that means you'll be feeding the gorillas) and conservation stations. You could pack your own picnic, but why? Instead, hang at the wine bar, or the mashed potato bar (we're crossing our fingers for those cool fries in the animal shapes), grab for the BBQ pork and chicken (shouldn't this be a vegan menu, considering…?), or wild salmon and couscous.

Fri., July 24, 6 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly