Los Angeles County did it. And so did Santa Monica. But normally enviro-crazed L.A. City Hall has been lagging when it comes to banning the bags.

This week, however, the city came a little closer to just such a ban of plastic bags at markets and stores. The L.A. Board of Public Works voted unanimously to support a ban of plastic and paper bags.

If the city went there it would join unincorporated L.A. county, Long Beach, Santa Monica and West Hollywood in banning plastic bags and might even do them one better with the paper-bag ban. But …

… this City Hall movement still has a way to go.

The proposed ban would have to go through a Bureau of Sanitation environmental review, a drafting by the City Attorney's office, and a vote or two by the full City Council.

As it stands, the proposal would apply to stores larger than 10,000 square feet or with more than $2 million a year in gross receipts, or about 2,000 grocery stores 7,500 other retail shops.

Sounds like L.A. wants you to bring your own totes to the store.

If shops violate the ban they could see $500 a day fines. Are you ready to go shopping with your own reusable bags in tow?

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