If you're reading this and you are a plant, or have a plant, you should know that tonight from 11 p.m. to midnight, conceptual artist Jonathon Keats and Machine Gallery will be screening pornography for plants at the Hammer Museum. Plant pornography is just what you think it is: plants having sex.

This means pollination. “It is very boring but that is part of the essence of pornography, that it is very repetitive,” Keats told Reuters.

Humans are not allowed at the plant porn screening, apparently.

On Saturday, stop by the Hammer Museum to experience musical performances, poetry and psychic plant healing. Machine Gallery has been hosting greenery at the museum for a short plant vacation. The vacation continues until end of August.

Don't you think plants get tired? They make our oxygen. They beautify our homes and city. They put up with us forgetting to water and fertilize them. They need a little break too, every now and then.

LA Weekly