English electronic duo Andy Turner and Ed Handley purvey beat-savvy post-techno whose hypnotic melodicism you want to never end. They've been doing Plaid for lo these 25 years now and are still finding new paths to pure sonic bliss, as heard in fine form on their new Reachy Prints (Warp), another finely crafted set of rolling rhythms and head-skewing electronic textures. This is gently experimental music that's good for the body and the brain, bubbling with emotion and not a little dry humor, whose shimmering aural colors and open-minded air provide the real sweet stuff for your daydreaming pleasure. We should point out that as a live unit, Plaid likes to rock the dance floor very, very hard indeed.

Sun., July 6, 8 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 07/06/14)

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