Pizza Garden and La Ruota Preserve the Rich History of Neapolitan/Artisanal Pizza in Canada

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The global pizza market was estimated at $141.1 billion in 2022, with no signs of brake fluid. With the average human devouring the cheesy goodness at least 1.2 times a week, the world has a love affair with pizza that is maturing year over year at 5% steady through the end of the decade. The planet continues to adore a good slice…regularly.

The Canadian pizza industry is a thriving market trending above the global average, with Canadians eating pizza 1.5 times per week. Due in part to Neapolitan Pizza Limited’s expanding brand concepts and franchises, that special itch that only a fine pie can scratch is coming even closer to a Canadian gullet near you.

With pizza love profoundly ingrained in Canadian society, it serves to reason that the billion-dollar industry shows no signs of slowdown. Pizzerias are fixtures in most neighborhoods, ranging from family-owned spots to large multinational chains, making a variety of pizza styles available to cater to the specific preferences of crust aficionados.

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Neapolitan Pizza Ltd., founded by Kubilay Demirel, currently has 13 locations serving up authentic Neapolitan pizza culture with its Pizza Garden  and La Ruota brands.

Pizza Garden represents a “less is more” approach to dishing out a rustic Neapolitan style, built on the foundation of rich gourmet ingredients. La Ruota is here to remind the people that pizza doesn’t always have to be casual dining. This luxury fine dining establishment is centered around elevating the gourmet Neapolitan pizza to hallowed heights with pastas, salads, desserts, and wine.

The Canadian pizza industry is experiencing an infectious wave of ingenuity, with pizza makers experimenting with unique toppings and crusts to baffle and excite consumer palates. Additionally, there has been a growing emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, with a palpable surge in plant-based pizza options. Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. companies are locked tightly in step with current dietary shifts, with vegetarian and vegan options available.

With the Canadian industry employing over 100,000 people, adaptability and willingness to cater to evolving trends has ensured that pizza remains the “everyman” that can thrive at the forefront of any food scene. With creative pizzaiolos at the helm, Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. continues to surprise and delight enthusiasts, helping pizza to remain a beloved staple in the country’s culinary landscape.

To ensure there is no shortage of pizzerias for employment or hunger, Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. is actively seeking franchise partners en masse (technically 100). Neapolitan is poised to place its beloved pizza concepts at center stage to attract investors and potential franchisees at the upcoming Toronto Franchise Expo and Calgary Franchise Expo.

The Toronto Franchise Expo is scheduled for September 9-10, 2023, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and The Calgary Franchise Expo will take place on November 18-19, 2023, at the BMO Centre.

Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. is on the lookout for passionate pizza enthusiasts. These forward-thinking global entrepreneurs should share an excitement for comfort food and an eagerness to build a successful pizza enterprise that will keep the history of Canadian pizza going another 80 years strong.

With an increasing lineup of stylized brands, Neapolitan is all about providing franchisees with a win-win situation – a low-risk opportunity with high rewards – allowing entrepreneurs to dive headfirst into the thriving food industry. So, if you’ve got a pizza passion AND a taste for success, Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. has got the perfect recipe for your entrepreneurial journey.

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Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. brands are putting the Canadian pizza culture on their succulent dough covered backs, to proudly uphold the legacy of joy, convenience, and taste. With  Pizza Garden and La Ruota embodying a classic pizza style, the company has carved a niche that it looks to stretch across the globe.

Founder Kubilay Demirel has not strayed from his commitment to serve a wide band of pizza fans. Though Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. specializes in an authentic Neapolitan experience with Pizza Garden and La Ruota, Demirel has branched out to satiate expanding flavor profiles with pizzeria sister brands including:

  • Megabite Pizza serves up the iconic New York-style slices that the Big Apple will never let the world forget.
  • City Square Pizza is showcasing the most recent contender for pizza world domination, Detroit style. The instantly recognizable square slice is based on a distinct Midwest flavor profile and high-quality toppings.

As Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. prepares to grace the stages of prestigious expos like the Toronto and Calgary Franchise Expos, Pizza Garden and La Ruota continue to make noise in the ever-evolving pizza industry. By offering franchisees a low-risk, high-reward opportunity, the company is empowering entrepreneurs to stake their claim in an ascending global industry. All of this while helping to ensure that large stockpiles of Canadian pizza reserves remain.

Visit Pizza Garden and La Ruota for a taste of what Neapolitan Pizza Ltd. has to offer, and check out the franchise programs for a taste of what collaboration has to offer.

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