PITAKA Weaving+ Limited Edition Phone Case Combining Pixel Art and Sunset

This year marks the 101st birthday of Jack Kerouac, a pioneer of the Beat Generation and the author of On the Road. The 1957 novel inspired generation after generation, including designers from PITAKA. And recently they designed a limited edition phone case, Sunset Moment, to pay tribute to Jack Kerouac and the freedom of thought and belief behind the road spirit.

The Sunset Moment is the first case of the Weaving+ Limited Edition series PITAKA put on the market. It’s crafted from aerospace-grade aramid fiber, which is five times stronger than steel but five times lighter. PITAKA is the very first few to make phone cases with aramid fiber commonly used in aerospace and military industries. They have developed material technologies to keep the silky but grippy feel of the material and mix it with colorful and intricate patterns. And this time, they make pixel-stylized cases through their proprietary Fusion Weaving ™ technology.

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Pixel art is an art style that brings aesthetic pleasure and “a medium mimics a lot of traits found in older game graphics”. However, it requires deliberate control over each pixel’s placement, making it challenging to weave aramid fiber fabrics into a pixel-styled image. But PITAKA was able to do it with its advanced material technology.

All those pixels of five different colors on the phone case are meticulously woven and placed to form the image of sunset. Sunset has this healing, creative and therapeutic effect. And PITAKA wants to use the sunset image to remind people to hit the road and pursue what they want.

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All in all, the Sunset Moment is a beautifully-made phone case with a unique code on the metal camera ring. It’s MagSafe compatible, allowing you to snap your phone to Apple MagSafe Charger and PITAKA’s PitaFlow system, magnetic chargers, car mounts, and wallets that get the most out of your phone. That said, the case is just 1.05mm thin, so it’s easy to slip into your pocket, and it protects your phone from scratches in daily life with the durable aramid fiber shell. In addition, the phone case is made in a minimalist design that leaves the buttons and ports uncovered for easy access to every single function of your phone.

The limited edition Sunset Moment is only available for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

PITAKA is founded by a team of designers, engineers, and creatives across multiple fields with an alternative approach to all things technology. Holding the vision of “alternative gadgets to simplify your life”, PITAKA always thinks one step ahead of users and provides innovative designs that bring convenience and style in real life. Today, PITAKA has become a large and successful company selling cases, wallets and covers for the essentials of modern life around the world. The Weaving+ is a new limited edition product series launched by PITAKA in 2023. It presents brand-new vitality and artistic expression by weaving high-performance materials in a new way to make case weaving more creative and possible in pixel art form.

To find out more about PITAKA:

Website: www.ipitaka.com

Amazon Store:www.amzn.to/3Dnuzck



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