Major issues in our world these days: Potential terrorism in the wake of Osama Bin Laden's demise. A $400 million-plus deficit facing the city of L.A. Unemployment that doesn't seem to be getting much better.

Oh, and a pink donkey outside a Westside mall taco restaurant. Yes, this donkey got more press than a missing white woman. Animal rights activists are pissed off that it was painted pink and then allowed to stand around all day in 85 degree heat for a Cinco de Mayo promotion at the Century City Pink Taco.

And now the owner of said establishment has thrown in the pink towel:

“… Pink Taco has agreed not to use animals at our events and promotions and we are looking forward to … discussing how we can work together in the future,” owner Harry Morton said in a statement to PETA, according to the group.

Oops. PETA says Pink Taco pulled the same, Tijuana-tourism-like stunt at its 2008 Century City opening and that … it also pledged not to do it again back then.

For the latest display, the restaurant reportedly rented Pinkey the donkey from Phil's Animal Rentals where, we're guessing, it gets tied up and hangs out in the open all day. 'Cause donkeys don't usually do air conditioning in our experience.

Pink Taco didn't help its case by tweeting things like, “Thank god we don't get lots of fat chicks here. They bitch about everything.”

A PETA spokeswoman tells the Weekly, “PETA hopes that his pledge is sincere this time.”

Us too. We're sick of pink donkeys. Now, does anyone else have better stuff to do?

LA Weekly