So I finally tried Pinkberry, and folks, I've just got one question- what's the big wup? Okay, it's pretty tasty and the place is cute (despite the name, the Vermont Ave. space has no pink to speak of; the palate is lime green and it's all plastica'd out with distinct Japanese toy touches) but seriously I just don't get why everyone's so cuckoo for cocoa puffs over the place.

Speaking of cereal, I'm a big fan of the stuff (I eat it day and night) so the fact that they offer toppings like Capn' Crunch and Fruity Pebbles- I like that. Still, the taste aint worth getting all Crackhead about, which Pinky's proponents seem to act like, battling traffic for parking spots and actually waiting in long lines (at the original WeHo location anyway) just to get another frozen fix.

Coldstone Creamery's got all the same yummy crap to put on their frozen delights, and hell even 31 Flavors offers tasty toppings. You don't see these chains enjoying  a Starbucks-like hip hangout status. Yes, yogurt has less calories than ice cream (25 per oz., they say) but once you pile on the toppings it adds up quick.

Also, I'm not entirely convinced it really is as “light” as they say. Doesn't anyone remember that Seinfeld episode when Kramer got fat on the supposedly low-cal concoction? Guess I'm not the only one whose been skeptical either. On the front page of Pinkberry's website they address the “recent claims” about the “nature” of their products, and say they are “investigating.” Sounds shady to me. (Oh, and while you're at the site, check the electro-girl rap. It's a hoot.)

As I mentioned on this blog not too long ago, I used to work on Vermont Ave., back when you got coffee at the Onyx,  you got your videos from Mondo Video and you got your books from Amok.  It just wasn't the kind of place where chain stores fit in. And while I have nothing against franchises, chains, or even corporate owned establishments ( I love fraps okay?), when too many pop up, it inevitably changes the vibe of a street and ultimately the neighborhood, mainly due to traffic.

Even indier than thou Trader Joes market is guilty of this. Look what it's done to Hyperion Ave. Gawd, I can't even drive thru there anymore without getting into some road rager with a spectacled scenester in his/her Prius.  It should only get worse now that Pinkberry is opening up across the street, right at the corner of Rowena and Hyperion, next to my longtime nail place, Bonsoir Nails.

Still, I'd be lying if I said I'll never pop in for a yogurt after my mani/pedi, especially as summer approaches. It's too damn conveinient.

Actually, if this location becomes as popular as the orginal, it might end up being anything but. Anybody know of a good, not too popular nail salon in Silver Lake?

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