The indie-rock space-time continuum collapsed for good between those early All Tomorrow's Parties — when select bands began playing their classic albums start to finish — and this year's Chicago Riot Fest, where seemingly every band played their classic album start to finish. But there's something to be said nonetheless for revisiting records that need a decade or so to reveal their complexities, which is maybe why San Diego's Pinback are doing a 10th-anniversary tour for their breakout, Summer in Abaddon. Abaddon was an understated, literate and idiosyncratic album on release, but its influence reverberates across a generation of indie music today — there's a clarity of sound and personality at work that hasn't aged a bit. Plus, to keep things from being too historical-reenactment-y, they'll be taking non-Abaddon song requests via paper airplane during the show.

Fri., Oct. 3, 9 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 10/03/14)

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