Looks like we've got an old-fashioned pig smoke going down in the Arts District this Sunday, June 3, hosted by chef Adam Cole of Lindy and Grundy and Ink. sommelier Adam Vourvoulis. The duo will be smoking a whole pedigreed hog from ReRide Ranch at Tony's Saloon and serving up piles of pork, homemade pickles, biscuits and coleslaw — all sold by the pound. (Cole was born in Texas and raised in North Carolina, in case you have any doubts as to his barbecue heritage.)

The saloon will be offering drink specials, too, including special hard cider and beer pairings for $5-$7, with Nitro Dreams churning up some on-the-spot ice cream for dessert. The BBQ begin at 3 p.m. and, like any true roadhouse party, lasts until the pig is picked clean. There's pool, bourbon and plenty of parking for dudes on their Harleys. Just don't try to pull a Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse if the crowd gets a little rowdy. There should be plenty of meat to go around.

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