In our 2012 Summer Restaurant Issue, celebrating everything pizza in L.A., we discussed how pizza in Los Angeles has changed over the past couple years. It's safe to say that things have gotten a bit more technical. If you're curious what those obscure pizza terms being tossed around actually mean, we've complied a list that will have you sounding like a pizzaiolo in no time. Turn the page.

Cornicione: The outer edge or lip of a pizza; commonly referred to as the “end crust.”

D.O.C.: Denominazione di Origine Controllate: Items that are certified products of Italy (or D.O.P. for the European Union). The term was created in 1955 in order to protect the names, origins and standards of coveted foodstuffs.

Oven spring: A rapid increase in a crust's volume that occurs during the first few minutes of baking, caused by the release of gas from yeast cells.

VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana): A designation awarded by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association that certifies that the recipient produces pizzas that adhere to strict Neapolitan standards.

Upskirt: The underside of a pizza, ideally covered with char marks in the Neapolitan-style pies.

“00” grade flour: An extremely finely ground flour that is required for a pizza to be considered V.P.N.

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