In the world of music legend/convicted murderer Phil Spector, nothing is what it seems. Ever since being moved to Corcoran State Prison for assignment to a long-term lockup, Spector, through his wife Rachelle, has complained about jail conditions. Known to suffer from a neurological condition, along with other ailments, Spector is serving a 19-year-to-life sentence for the second-degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Now comes word that his transfer to  Pleasant Valley State Prison in nearby Coalinga has been halted. According to Associated Press, wife Rachelle claims the Corrections Department heeded the Spectors' request not to move the Wall of Sound creator, based on his medical conditions, while a Corcoran spokesman claims the hold on Spector is routine.

Earlier this week AP's Linda Deutsch reported that Spector is convinced that he will die of Valley Fever at his not-so-pleasant destination, which has seen a number of inmates die of the fungus-based illness over the last four years.

“They are sending Phil there to die,” Rachelle Spector told the N.Y. Post.  “He is scared to death. When I saw

him on Saturday, he was shaking . . . He's 70 years old and 130 pounds.”

Only a short while ago Spector wanted to shop for a better prison

than Corcoran, complaining that he was incarcerated with “gangsters and

Manson types” and feared for his safety. Corcoran is home to Charles

Manson and Sirhan Sirhan. Perhaps Spector does not wish to share the

limelight with Pleasant Valley's other celebrity inmate, Erik Menendez.

LA Weekly