From Superior Court, Department 106

Defense lawyer Doron Weinberg has begun his closing argument on behalf of Phil Spector. Prior to the entrance of the jury in the second-degree murder trial, Weinberg had protested a video shown yesterday by prosecutor Truc Do, in which Judge Larry Paul Fidler appeared three times. This, Weinberg claimed, was prejudicial to his client, as Fidler's inclusion  suggested that he was agreeing with Do's argument.

The video, Weinberg stated, “turned the court into a witness that we could not cross examine.

It  makes the court a witness for the prosecution. I think it went over the top.”

Fidler disagreed and brought in the jury. Weinberg has begun his

presentation in a slow, methodical voice, facing the jurors from about

six feet from the jury box.

“I am not telling you Phillip Spector is guilty but the evidence hasn't proved this. Phillip Spector is innocent.”

Weinberg is now explaining why Spector did not testify on his own behalf.

LA Weekly